The commerce framework for technology leaders

Spryker is designed for fast growing, fast moving companies that compete in a digital environment




Framework approach – lightweight commerce architecture for a highly customized technology


Modular system – components can be customized or replaced by a client-developed feature


Developer friendly – PHP based with highest development standards, complexity kept to minimum


Analytics driven – data driven technology with all data (incl. secondary) in one place

Spryker is a new product, but draws on a lengthy e-commerce track record


Spryker’s technological roots – known as “Alice and Bob” and “Yves and Zed” – are Rocket Internet’s and Project A’s inhouse software solutions designed to meet the demands of ambitious and disruptive commerce projects. The requirements of such projects led to the creation of the internal software as there was no appropriate technology available in the market. In November 2014 Spryker was founded to offer the architecture to industry clients.


Spryker is taking the approach developed by Project A Ventures – supporting e-commerce companies in expanding quickly on a sustainable technical basis – and making it available to the whole market. I myself have used it and was very impressed; I would definitely use it again or recommend it to others. In my opinion, there is no like-for-like alternative out there.

Markus Bihler
Managing Partner of Berlon Partners and CEO at Happy Fresh

How can the digital transformation be turned to digital dynamism? Spryker is an answer.

Alexander Janthur
Managing Director of VOTUM

Looking at Spryker, I see the same principles at work as those on which we have based our Collins project. Only tailor-made software and a modular system open up the possibility of building high-performance online-shops which retain flexibility. It is this approach which will, in my view, allow the brands of the future to flourish.

Tarek Müller
Co-Founder of Collins and Managing Director of ABOUT YOU

Spryker is a platform that has been thought through from the foundations upwards and is characterised by an excellent technical structure. It supports speedy digital transformations, while its management is experienced in dealing with market developments as they happen and technology as it evolves. To put it succinctly: the whole approach is an absolute success.

Christoph Möltgen
Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) at Otto Group

E-commerce technology for category leaders